Training Placement Officer

Mr. Himanshu Gupta

HOD Mechanical Engineering

The main purpose of constituting Training and Placement Division and its members is to enhance career opportunities in front of budding young talent passing out of Polytechnic.
The goal is to make students able to deal with the problems in their career path.
The focus must be on the student’s holistic development in the areas such as training of mind, specific up-skilling & re-skilling in major areas, soft skill, communication skill, conflict resolution, health & hygiene, ease of work, and special training in emotional well-being/ intelligence etc.
T&P Division shall aim to facilitate campus placement drive for all the students and in a fair manner by following One Person, One Job Policy.

Roles & Responsibilities of Students

The guidelines are framed to ensure equality and fairness of opportunities to all the students. All students who opt for placement through the T&P shall abide by the guidelines prescribed herein. Any breach of the rules specified by any student, shall be taken up seriously by the T&P Division, that in turn will view the matter and take action against the student, as deem fit.
1. The students must go through the guidelines before participating in the placement process.
2. The students resume and their details will be verified from the Examination Branch by the T&P office. At any stage, any omission in the student academic data shall lead to permanently debar of the student from the placement drive.
3. It is mandatory for the shortlisted students to attend the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) delivered by the company representatives. In case the shortlisting has not been provided, all the students who have given expression of interest have to attend the PPT of the company. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be considered as a case of absenteeism. A student not attending the PPT or abandoning the selection process will be deemed as absent. Absenteeism at any stage may lead to debar of student from the upcoming placement drive.
4. Late comers in PPT/Test/GD/Interviews may be ostracized from appearing for the further process unless previously intimated to T&P Division via email (at least 3 hours prior to the process). Non-intimation will be counted as absenteeism.
5. Students should maintain discipline and decorum in every action during the placement process. Any student found violating any rules of general ethics and etiquette or defaming the Institute will be debarred from the placement process for the entire placement season.
6. Students found cheating or misbehaving during the selection process (PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be debarred from the placement process. Any kind of impersonation will lead to debarment of the student from further placement activity.
7. During online test, students should ensure that email or any other communication client (other than the one prescribed by the recruiter) is not active in their Computer/laptop during the test.
8. Mobile phones are not allowed inside T&P Division during the online/written test.
9. Students must be formally dressed whenever they participate in any sort of interaction with a company. T&P Division reserves the right to restrict or prohibit the use of any accessory that it finds improper for the drive.
10. Students must carry their Institute Identity cards at all times during the placement/Internship process.
11. Students are not allowed to approach directly to any of the company officials for any sort of clarification. The same may be routed through T&P Division if found deemed fit.
12. The placed students will be eligible for the second round only if the CTC offered is greater than the first offer. Additionally, the eligible students must give an undertaking to T&P Division that, in case they get 2nd offer, their first offer should be dissolved with the immediate effect. The same information will be communicated to the concerned organization through T&P Division.
13. In case, the final result of an organization is awaited, the shortlisted students shall continue to be eligible in the upcoming companies. Once the awaited result is received, the selected students will not be allowed to appear further in the ongoing recruitment process of any organization.
14. Students with two job opportunities will not be allowed to participate in any other placement opportunities. Once the selection procedure has started, students cannot withdraw at any stage. Only in very exceptional circumstances, a student may be permitted to withdraw from the selection procedure.
15. In case, at any stage, the T&P Division is involved in any placement process (immaterial to the extent of participation of the T&P Division), it will be considered as on-campus placement drive and the T&P Division guidelines will be applicable to that process.

The Head of the Institute, reserves the right of modifying any or all of the above norms and/or stipulating additional norms for placement which, in his judgment and discretion, are likely to benefit the students, immediately or in the future.
Final authority in case of any dispute would be the Head of the Institute (Principal) and his decision will be final.