S.No. Facilities Information
1. Areas 15.3 Acres
2. Whether Owned or Leased Owned


S.No. Facilities Status Information
1. Owned/Leased/Rent Owned 68627.28 Sq.mtrs.
2. Exclusive/Shared Exclusive 68627.28 Sq.mtrs.
    1. Industrial Area
           i. Area of classroom/Tutorial
39967.79 Sq.mtrs

           ii. Drawing Halls
39967.79 Sq.mtrs

           iii. Laboratories
6361.67 Sq.mtrs.

           iv. Workshop
3478.49 Sq.ft.
    2. Administrative 5218.6 Sq.ft.
    3. Amenities 36500 Sq.ft.
3. Total plinth Area(Excluding Hostel Quarters) 68627.28 Sq.ft.
4. Plinth Area per student 68.26 Sq.mtrs


S.No. Facilities Information
1. Canteen Yes
2. Labs 32
3. Smart Classrooms 3
4. Workshops 1
4. Bank/ATM No
5. Health Centre No
5. Shops No
5. Day Care Yes
5. Rain Water Harvesting No
5. Solar, Waste Management No
5. Security Yes


The GGS Govt. Polytechnic Education Society, Cheeka has a well-established library which caters to the need of the diploma students and the faculty. The Library provides a neat, well-stocked and peaceful corner for all those knowledge craving minds that venture to drown in the world of knowledge and information. This excellent well equipped library is having ever increasing collection and a wide range of books of various subjects. It has got a collection of over 15,200 books. Library also provides books on non-returnable basis to Schedule Caste students under SCSP scheme of Government of Haryana.
The well maintain reading hall with neatly arranged book cases, newspaper stands and racks flashing the latest magazines on display provide the perfect ambience to the ones who are eager to know more.
Digital Library:Digital library provides the students with the convenience of learning at their own comfort.The Digital Library section was set up in the Library premises in November 2020 where students can get access to various digital library materials. This well-equipped section is having 21 computer systems connected to uninterrupted internet supply.


The Boy’s hostel at institute premises is under construction. The project was approved by Govt. of Haryana on dated 01.03.2021. The project consists of ground plus two floors building with the capacity of 80 students. The estimated cost of the project is 592.33 lakh. The project started on dated 19.1.2022 and the completion date of the project is 19.4.2023. The said project is being executed by PWD B&R Haryana.


Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2014 with an intake of 60.
The Department offers 3 year regular Diploma course in Electronics & Communication Engineering awarded by Haryana State Board of Technical Education, Panchkula, Haryana. The program aims at imparting quality Technical Education in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering to create engineering professionals, entrepreneurs with new ideas and innovations to meet industry expectations for the benefit of mankind.

This department has following fully equipped laboratories:
1. Analog Electronics Lab
2. Electronics Devices and Circuits
3. Power Electronics Lab
4. Digital Electronics Lab
5. EIM Lab
6. NFTL Lab
7. Audio Video Electronics Lab
8. Microprocessors Lab
9. Communication Lab
10. EDST Lab
11. TSEE Lab
12. Microwave and RADAR Lab
13. Digital Communication lab
14. Microcontroller Lab

All laboratories are equipped with advanced equipments.